Tahir is very versatile and his lighting in his photography as well as natural light is absolutely stunning. He gets into people and places as if he is one with them his pictures narrow the distance between us and the lens… stunning work.

Nighat Choudhry
CEO, Institute of Performing Arts, Lahore, Pakistan

After looking at the amazing photographs taken by Mr. Tahir Saleem, I must say that he is well aware of the fact that photography allows people to communicate what is important to them, helps to preserve history, facilitates communication, enables people to become artists and moves people in ways that words sometimes cannot. With this understanding, he is doing great job and preserving our culture, natural beauty, diversity and much more. I wish him to prosper further in this field and take his esthetic work more forward.

Shad Begum
Executive Director, Association for Behaviour and Knowledge Transformation, Islamabad, Pakistan

I checked out some of your work, and your skills are amazing. I believe you capture a very authentic look in your photography. Keep up the great work!

Diana Mungu
General Mills, Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, USA

I took a look at Tahir’s portfolio and I see some amazing skills. I specifically enjoyed the landscapes. Sometimes it’s hard to capture the right angles, but he did a splendid job with his focal points.

PaKou Yang
Teacher, Avalon English School, Korea

I have looked at Tahir’s website and work and I like it. He is obviously doing a very good job. Keep up the good work and we’ll keep in touch.

Pauline Roberts
Easy Change Hypnotherapy, London, United Kingdom

Wow…what a beautiful site!! Compliments for Tahir’s art work!

Arina de Groot
Eigenaar / ontwikkelaar bij !K-Fullness, The Hague, Netherlands

I saw Tahir’s website. Very interesting, my daughter is a photographer too.

Beate Warczinski
Freelancer, Berlin, Germany

Visited Tahir’s website, great work and wonderful presentation.

Pamela Piscicelli
Photographer / Founder, Presso D.O.O.R., Rome, Italy

Exciting photos from People and beautiful landscape from Pakistan. I Love these outstanding photos from Tahir. Thanks so much for sharing it on Facebook. Congratulations!

Stefanie Burri
Country Director, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Islamabad, Pakistan

I believe it always take two things pretty much for any profession, the passion and the adequate techniques to justify your passion. What we see here is Tahir Saleem is more of nature loving photographer, though I witnessed the amazing photos of a diversity of cultures and history too. The photos are great and captured the personality and spirit of the subjects, perfectly. I think I speak for everyone when I say, we LOVE… LOVE the photos!!! And Tahir’s efforts are good enough to raise him at the top of your game.

Atteeq Khan Yousafzai
Directorate of Culture, Peshawar, Pakistan

All pictures display on his timeline are wonderful. I remember this gallery has wonderful photos captured by Tahir. Keep making a lot of memories to show the world at our end.

Luke Rehmat
Indigenous Winter Sports Festival IWSF, Kalash Valley, Chitral, Pakistan

Wonderful Images of Pakistan. Good job Tahir Saleem

Shehryar Khan
RICH Project, Directorate of Culture, Peshawar, Pakistan

Thank you so much Tahir, you have wonderful pictures.

Maria Celdran
Photographer, Murcia, Spain

There are some really great images that I have seen. Tahir is a very good photographer because his work gives an insight into the culture in Pakistan… showing real people doing real things… I have learnt a lot. It does really reveal a lot about Pakistan that is good…and that is a voice that is important to be heard… good for him.

Lisa Hogben
Photojournalist, Sydney, Australia

Nice Tahir, it is very beautiful. Natural and professional photography.

Kulsoom Hazara
Sports Person, Karachi, Pakistan

I have been through Tahir’s photographs and it is very impressive, nice frames and he almost covered all the Pakistan in photos great work and best wishes.

Zeek Afridi
Singer, Peshawar, Pakistan

Just went through your photographs. Loved all of them. Each picture tells a story and that’s what I love about your work. It was a visual delight.

Mahrukh Beyg
Haryaali Farmers Market, Lahore, Pakistan

Tahir, the pictures are great, particularly the handicrafts and fishermen photos. Great work.

Anaaf Bhatti
Marketing Executive, Nowcomm Ltd, Derby, United Kingdom

Really Nice work Tahir…

Trine Angeline Sig
Managing Director, Real Relief, South Jutland, Denmark

I have reviewed Tahir’s photographs on Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook, and National Geographic. I really love his action shots and that his photography feels like an experience and one that you’re actively a part of. The colors are beautiful and each picture tells an intimate truth. Excellent work!

Elizabeth A. Clemons
Operations Manager, Manifesto Inc, Columbus, Ohio Area, USA